Closing in on Fully Recycled Polyester

FeyeCon successfully achieved the recovery of TPA (terephthalic acid) from recycled PET bottles using our CO2 technology. This recovery process stands out for its reduced reliance on minerals and its ability to facilitate controlled TPA crystals growth; meaning costs effective and purer TPA in comparison to other technologies. Notably, the scalability of this process has been demonstrated at kilogram levels, with rigorous quality assessments confirming the integrity of the recovered TPA.

FeyeCon takes pride in the efficacy of our technology, which once again underscores its second to none capabilities of economically scaling scCO2 processes. The TPA recovered through this process will be utilized directly in re-polymerization efforts, thereby contributing to the increased closure of the recycling loop.

Given PET’s status as one of the most utilized polymers, the significance of its recovery process cannot be overstated in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

FeyeCon credits our partners in the European Enzycle project and emphasis the joined effort with all its members to create this enzymatic process without any hazardous chemicals.


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