Botanical extracts with medicinal properties as bulk and white label!

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Botanical Extracts

FeyeCon is expanding its product portfolio with high-quality botanical extracts with medicinal applications in the white label market. In the past, we did the same for other botanicals with our Bulgarian partner Ecomaat, who specializes in various fragrances. Atanas Krachmarov, CEO of Ecomaat, has become a long-term partner for FeyeCon. Ecomaat has relied on FeyeCon’s CO2 technology to produce its most precious botanical extracts for more than 15 years, including those of the world-famous Bulgarian roses.

We have developed various botanical extracts with our techniques

To create high-quality botanical extracts, we use the latest technology, such as CO2 extraction. Alongside our national and international partners, we strive to create botanical extracts and other products that are close to nature. Some examples of the products we help to create are extracts of plants and flowers such as lavender, rosemary, valerian, echinacea, and marigold. You can also make use of our cutting-edge technologies for the extraction of cannabinoids. Our combination of knowledge on extraction, formulation and legality will help us develop more products made by CO2 Technology.

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Do you want to know more about supercritical technology and the technologies we use to create high-quality botanical extracts? Our experts will gladly tell you more about the uses of extraction and our other technologies, such as the process of micronization. Do not hesitate to contact us by calling +31 (0)294 45 77 33 for more information about our technology and how we produce botanical extracts.

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