What FeyeCon Does For

The Medical Industry

Shaping the new age of Histology by enabling molecular diagnostics!


We pursue two main branches in the medical industry. For one we have been producing medical implants for many years. This concerns the use of polymers, which are either bio compatible or are cleaned in such a way that they don’t harm the body. We clean polymers from its monomers, reactants and softeners.

Next to this we can also changes the morphology of implants to create the correct stiffness. This is for instance done in stance, in which we use CO2 in such ways that the polymeric material recrystallizes to a percentage that give the right flexibility of for specific arteries. FeyeCon is also been involved in a project in which we 3D print an implant and directly clean it. This means that the implants can be human made.

The second part of medical concerns the use of medical instruments. An example is our pathological instrument made in our spin-off Tispa Medical. Other examples considers the cleaning of medical instrument from microorganisms. With CO2 we can clean bacteria to levels -9. This means only one in a billion survives. Results of -7 are obtained for viruses. We use this technology for:
  • Human donor bone
  • stethoscopes
  • textiles for surgeons
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