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Research & Innovation

FeyeCon has a hands-on and data driven approach. We start by analyse the available data both in open literature and confidential. Based on these findings we start our endeavour with the client by making a quote related to the desired outcome of process and/or product. Based on our findings we will conduct experiments, engineer equipment, design processes, make samples, and review the regulatory landscape. We execute projects in cooperation with our clients applying our carbon dioxide technology or any other technology that benefits the client product. The projects are on contract base, contain deliverables and time-lines and have different phases:
  • Feasibility
  • Prove of concept
  • Validation
  • Industrial Pilot
  • Implementation

During these phase we will always track the technical outcome on Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operational Expenditure (OPEX). Clearly, with each phase the clarity on CAPEX and OPEX increases. Ultimately, our judge is the client and together we will try to obtain commercial sensible outcome in combination with sound technical solutions. We will try to use our carbon dioxide technology in order to achieve a clean and sustainable proposition. However, if this doesn’t make common sense for your business, we will be first to flag.

FeyeCon delivers customized solutions, by designing, engineering and construction equipment on any size, but we love big. On a contract basis we can assist your market introduction by producing food grade extraction, impregnation, encapsulation on our pilot scale facilities.

Next to the technical content, we can supply a full IP package on the supplied technology including an opinion on the freedom to operate. This in combination with a knowledge on the regulatory landscape it will give you a clear view on various other aspects than the technology only.

Grant Research & Innovation

In order to stay in the front of developments FeyeCon also participates in projects which are a bit further down the road. In those cases we apply with universities and other companies for local or European grants. With those projects we increase our IP position and understand what might come in near or further future. Currently, we have large focus on the upcycle of CO2 to valuable other products.


CO2FOKUS is a H2020 project which aims to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change by reducing CO2 emissions. The CO2 will be used as a feedstock for DME production in the chemical industry.

Check-out this link for more information and a video about this project:

The use of DME can fulfil the ever-increasing demand for alternative, carbon-neutral, environmentally benign fuels, reducing the dependence on non-renewable sources. DME can be used as diesel fuel in for example a diesel station:


The VULCADIME project spearheaded under the Eurostars program aims to develop an energy-efficient and cost-effective process for direct use of CO2 to produce market-relevant dimethyl carbonate (DMC). This process uses waste CO2, bio-methanol and geothermal energy sources.

DMC is a valuable chemical intermediate, it can be used to for example make polycarbonate sheets.

In collaboration with Iceland and France, FeyeCon exploits our advances in CO2 technologies and unique expertise gained over the years to deliver a robust, industrially feasible and eco-friendly process for producing DMC that can compete with conventional toxic processes in terms of cost and efficiency.

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