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Dietary Supplements from Algae and Natural Skin Care!

Alchemist 19/62

Alchemist 19/62 is a small company with a great purpose: use the abundant resources that Nature provides us for creating natural products that strengthen, nurture and heal you. Get the chance to relax with our lavender body oil, take in the smell of out rose perfume or try a new style with the Woodmaster beard oil.

We want to go back to basics and offer natural, cruelty-free and sustainable products. Sometimes, simplicity is better. Our pure oil blend, also available in scented versions of Lavender and Rose, only has three ingredients. This way you know what’s inside. Our products contain only natural ingredients, and you will find no synthetic or harmful preservatives in our products.
We are mindful of Mother Nature every step along the way, from formulation to packaging design, and try to avoid plastic in our packaging wherever possible. Our best-selling Omega 3 supplements are made from microalgae and a great vegan alternative to fish oil. This way you can get all the benefits of Omega 3 without harming the already endangered life in our marine ecosystems.

A chance to love yourself and the planet!

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