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Water-free dyeing

Water-free dyeing is the next evolution in textile processing. The use of chemicals in the textile industry and the pressure it puts on our fresh water reserves pose significant problems. FeyeCon has solved these problems with its game-changing CO2 dyeing technology. Our processes not only use less or no chemicals or water, they also consume less energy and are faster, which dramatically reduces production costs.

The evolution of water-free dyeing

Our most revolutionary achievement is our innovation of water-free textile dyeing and processing. Skeptics said it could not be done, but we have proven the contrary with our supercritical technologies. With the help of our launching partner Nike, our joint venture DyeCoo has successfully implemented the first water-free dyeing process for polyester, steadily making the dyeing business a clean business by using CO2. We are currently investigating water-free dyeing processes for cotton, leather and other fibers like paper. You can also make use of our technologies to create high-quality natural pigments, which can be used in textile processing.

Water- and chemical-free cleaning and sterilization

In conventional dry-cleaning processes, harsh chemicals are used that are harmful for the environment and linked to serious health problems. Conventional wet cleaning consumes vast quantities of potable water. By using encapsulated CO2, the same cleaning results can be achieved but without toxic chemicals or the use of large amounts of water. CO2 has the unique ability to deactivate bacteria & contaminants and remove heavy oil-based soils, leaving virtually no secondary waste. These environmental and performance benefits translate into direct economic savings, including longer garment lifetime and lower utility consumption. Our joint venture CO2Nexus is working on commercializing these processes.

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Do you want to take the next step to make textile processing more sustainable? We will gladly tell you more about water-free dyeing with CO2. Contact us for more information about CO2 dyeing by calling us at +31 (0)294 45 77 33. You can also learn more about our innovations in textile recycling.

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