The Possibilities Of

CO2 Drying

Remain healthy properties and increases shelf-life!



A special case of extraction is the removal of water from a substrate. Or to put it more simply Drying. In this case we don’t extract the valuable compound, but the least valuable compound. The removal of water is normally done using heat; in spray dryers, ovens, sun etc. Opposite to a normal extraction, water has the highest concentration in the substrate and it is also not very soluble in carbon dioxide. However,   the most performed application by FeyeCon is the extraction of water: CO2 drying. Although counter-intuitive, extracting  water with CO2 is an excellent way of drying and preserving food products. Our CTO G.W. Hofland developed a process for this in 2002. During the drying with Co2 the surface tensions is lowered, the voids are filled with CO2 and temperatures remain constant due to the high heat capacity of the CO2. In short the process yields to a superior product in many aspects:
  • It preserves the integrity of the original fresh product;
  • It dehydrates better than fresh drying;
  • it preserves the vitamins and anti-oxidants better,
  • keeps a good colour;
  • it preserves the material and increases shelf-life;
  • Above all it creates very tasty healthy snacks.

Although in essence an extraction, from an engineering perspective drying is totally different. Extreme high solvent to feed ratios are necessary. If one would perform a pressure drop this would kill the applicability of the process because of the operational costs. The process is only commercially feasible when the water is removed from the carbon dioxide, while not using a pressure swing.
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