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Revolutionary Human Tissue Processing without Toxic Solvents!

Tispa Medical

Tispa Medical’s Tissue Processor replaces toxic solvents like xylene with supercritical CO2. Tispa’s proprietary histopathology process dehydrates human tissues in a clean, fast, and cost-effective way, resulting in high-quality paraffin impregnated tissues.

Conventional Tissue Processors not only use toxic xylene as a clearing agent during the process, but also re-use ethanol, increasing the possibility of cross-contamination and causing the quality of processed tissue to vary.

Tispa’s process uses clean CO2 and clean ethanol every run, ensuring the same high quality of processed tissue every run. This drastically decreases any chance of misdiagnosis!
A mixture of ethanol and supercritical CO2 is used to extract water from the tissues in a highly effective manner. The low viscosity allows for a high diffusion rate and low surface tension. Once the ethanol and water are flushed out with CO2, the tissues are impregnated with paraffin in no time. The Tispa process addresses some of the major trends in histopathology: xylene-free processing, a more efficient workflow on the histopathology lab and superior yield and quality of DNA/RNA to name just a few of them.

The Tispa 2 Tissue Processor has been rated by pathologists as the most reliable in the business and has a 100% success rate in preserving tissue samples.
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