Structuring bread spreads with Unilever!

Fat Micronization

In 2004 we developed a process with Unilever to micronize fats.  In this process around 30% of CO2 is dissolved in a melted fat. By rapidly decreasing the pressure, small crystals are formed that can be used to structure spreads. It helps to stabilize the mixture and keeps the spread from separating. Unilever was using this technology specifically for margarine, which is a blend of oils, water and a structuring powder. Feyecon was contracted to develop a pilot of the micronization machine and later on used this machine for toll manufacturing. Over this period of two years we proved our knowledge of  the HACCP and our ability to adhere to hygienic regulations for food production.

We are proud to be part of this journey with Unilever. FeyeCon has a mutual license with Unilever which allows us to use this technology in the bakery and confectionary space, while Unilever uses it  in spreads.
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