UPLC, UV-VIS, SEM-EDS and more!

Analytical tools

With our well-equipped facilities and trained chemists, we use analytical tools to support our processes and product developments. Next to development we also need to conduct necessary in-process controls. Over the years we gained the necessary industrial knowledge and expertise to help you on process and product control.
Evidently, depending on the regulations one has to comply to (e.g. GMP) one will also need formal analyses by compliant third party laboratories.

Gas chromatography (GC)

We can conduct accurate analysis of samples from a variety of sources including volatile fragrances to heavy components in fats and oils, food and botanical extracts, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biofuel, and chemicals.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC)

For the larger molecules with double bonds, HPLC might be the right technique. We use this this type of analysis quite substantially in our API production process development. HPLC techniques can be used to monitor the purification process and subsequent use them as in-process control for investigational purposes.

However, formal Quality Control analyses using this technique for the purpose of the release of API’s are being sourced-out to compliant third-party laboratories.

UV-VIS spectrophotometry

With our UV-VIS spectrophotometer device, we can quickly uncover a wide-range of unknowns in your sample. Do you want to know what your botanical extract consists of, this is the typical technique that assist us the process over time.

Moisture and water activity measurements

Moisture content is critical for a lot of food product. We analyze the samples continuously in order to help to design and formulate shelf-stable products in wide ranges of applications such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM-EDS)

With our scanning electron microscope coupled with an energy dispersive spectroscopy detector we can examine the surface morphology at high resolution and detect the chemical elemental composition of your samples. This technique gives us deep inside in the fundamental processes of crystallization and vaporizing. We also use it to check incoming materials for production.


  • Phenom ParticleMetric

    Accurate detection and characterization of particles

  • Fibermetric

    Accurate thickness and orientation measurements of micro and nano fiber samples

  • Phenom PoroMetric

    Accurate detection and characterization of pores

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