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The Pharmaceutical Industry

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Patent Life

By using CO2 processes for drug isolation, purification and formulation we create improved pharmaceutical products. Through our unique formulation technology, especially encapsulation, we create targeted and triggered release systems. The combination with an active ingredients often leads to patent applications increasing the life span of a drug.

An increased bioavailability can be obtained by creating a large surface area through micronization or a molecular formulation using our CO2 spray dry technology. This increased bioavailability will enable you to decrease the amount of active ingredients which goes hand in hand with increasing patent life. Increased product shelf-life achieved by protecting for instance the active ingredient by UV coating or moisture protecting coatings. Our CO2 technology is performed below 60⁰C and leaves no residual solvents, which makes it suitable for peptide proteins and enzymes.

Not only can we conduct the development of the technology, but we can also make clinical batches. Since 2006 we hold a pharma GMP license. Our team has experience with clinical trials, from phase I, IIA/IIB up to phase III.  Production can be conducted by our team using our GMP facilities.

Controlled Substances

Due to the fact that CO2 is especially suitable for non-polar molecules, we have gained extensive knowledge on psylocibin is hydrophilic and is psychoactive. This is why we have had an opiate license since 2002 and are able to handle cannabinoids and psychedelics, among other compounds.

GMP Clean Room Facility

At our laboratory in the Netherlands, we have cGMP facilities that operate supercritical CO₂ equipment and are available to external parties. Our facilities – a certified class D cleanroom – allow for the cGMP production of clinical batches and contract manufacturing. It also enables us to produce Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).

Quality System

Clearly, our productions goes hand in hand with our quality system, which started in 2005. We have been audited by government bodies to obtain a pharma GMP and opiate license and of course several clients. We employ a permanent QA officer to safeguard productions and Standard Operation Procedures. For production we have own team of GMP operators and Manager Pharmaceutical Operations to ensure compliance with Quality Standards. We work with  third party labs for QC controls.
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