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Using our unique supercritical technology, FeyeCon D&I strives to achieve a clean and sustainable planet by applying research into carbon dioxide (CO2) technology and development activities with a market driven approach. We develop innovative supercritical fluid technology and equipment that uses carbon dioxide to make various processes more eco-friendly.

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Global industrial implementations

Our supercritical technology is used in various industries

FeyeCon started textile dyeing with carbon dioxide in 1998 and has continuously developed the process of applying CO2 technology. This method uses less or no chemicals or water compared to conventional methods. Furthermore, this supercritical technology requires less energy and time, which dramatically reduces the production costs. Ten years of development were a good exercise to reduce the costs of the dyeing process so that the process stays profitable for the dye-houses. Several breakthrough engineering designs were documented in 10 patents.

We have developed various supercritical carbon dioxide technologies

Applying our CO2 technology and equipment can be useful for various sectors. For example, our supercritical fluid carbon dioxide technology is widely used in food production. We have developed various supercritical technologies, such as:

These supercritical fluid technologies use less resources than conventional alternatives and offer an excellent way to make your processes more eco-friendly.

Our world-class CO2 equipment

Without your products and markets, our supercritical technology would just be a hobby. Therefore, the focus of our supercritical CO2 technology is always on applying it to your products and processes. You can use our technology, from supercritical fluid to CO2 encapsulation, in various applications.


FeyeCon manufactures cannabinoid Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s). 

OTC Cannabinoids

FeyeCon has extensive knowledge on the field of cannabinoids when it comes to process and products.

Botanical Extracts

FeyeCon is expanding its product portfolio with other botanical extracts with medicinal applications.


Without your products and markets our CO2 technology would just be a hobby, therefore our focus is always on how to add value to your products and processes with our equipment.


Our supercritical technology has proven to benefit a wide range of industries. Thirty years of expertise and intellectual property resulted in innovative CO2 technology and partnerships with renowned companies like Nike and Ikea.


FeyeCon offers tailor-made process design and CO2 equipment at bench, pilot, and production scale. We engineer, build, and make sure our carbon dioxide technology complies with rules & regulations on food, pharma, cosmetics, and medical devices.


Our site includes pharmaceutical production facilities for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and medical devices.


As it is our belief that all products and production processes can benefit from our supercritical fluid carbon dioxide technology, we are always up for the challenge to contribute to your success.

Start applying our CO2 technology in your production processes

Make your production processes more eco-friendly by implementing our fluid and supercritical carbon dioxide technology. Our supercritical CO2 equipment can be applied in various sectors, from food production to the production of botanical extracts. Discover how our technologies can make your processes more sustainable.

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