CO2 Dyeing is coming home: Part III

In order to be versatile with application areas, we started at the very beginning… We are proud to present to you the Cerberus production machines, especially made industrial applications for impregnation and/or extraction using supercritical carbon dioxide.

The Corberus is used for cork treatment and the Cyberus will be used for textile treatment. The beauty is that most of the high pressure engineering has been done already, we only have to adapt them for specific applications. Under development are the Cærberus for leather treatment and the Carberus for removing traces of pesticides and plasticizer.

All applications moving to more sustainable solutions, without compromising on the economics. Below our Corberus solution.


Other news:

Closing in on Fully Recycled Polyester

FeyeCon successfully achieved the recovery of TPA (terephthalic acid) from recycled PET bottles using our CO2 technology. This recovery process stands out for its reduced

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