The Possibilities Of

CO2 Encapsulation

Protect and release your valuable compounds!


Encapsulation by a scCO2 spray drying offers a versatile method of adding functionality to your product. We can create controlled release for moisture, Ph, microbiology, rubbing, heat, etc. We can also increase the stability and extendthe shelf-life of the product by creating a designed shell for oxygen, UV, or moisture. This is achieved by first spraying a dispersion, emulsion or molecular solution and then removing the carrier phase.

Over 30 years, FeyeCon has successfully produced:
  • encapsulated nutraceuticals for taste masking (Fe, Mg, plant extracts, etc.)
  • humidity release coatings for fragrances for deodorants
  • slow release for cosmetic ingredients
  • stabilized natural pigments for lipstick and shelve life
  • triggered release peptides in the intestines
  • controlled release system for various enzymes in food or cosmetic
  • increased shelve-life by a factor 10 for active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • increased bioavailability for pharmaceuticals reducing active increasing patent life

Over the 30 years we basically concluded “no limitations” for functionality.

The basics

Encapsulation is the process of enveloping an active compound (solid, liquid or even gaseous) into a coating material.  The active compound forms the inner core which is enclosed in a capsule material.

Coating  materials can be selected function of the targeted applications from a wide range of materials (either natural or synthetic). Function of materials and process conditions FeyeCon can deliver different types or coated particles: mononuclear, polynuclear or matrix-like.

CO2 provides the perfect inert medium in which sensitive actives are well-preserved during processing since the temperatures can be kept well below 50⁰C.

The CO2 encapsulation is a one-step process which can be operated either by batch or continuously. The resulting encapsulates are ready to be used without any post treatment. CO2 functions as a carrier medium (solvent) and leaves no “solvent” traces behind after depressurization.


The encapsulation is a tailor-made technology with largely depend on the client. With feasibility studies, piloting, toll manufacturing  and scale up know-how, FeyeCon can support partners developing new products based on this unique and sustainable technology. In the past we have  partnered with various industries and can offer qualified support and specific knowledge on scientific processes and the legality of ASME, CE,  cGMP or HACCP.
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