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Botanical Extraction

Over the years FeyeCon has built numerous extraction facilities worldwide. For example, in 2007 with our partners of Ecomaat in Bulgaria. This equipment encompasses 2×100 litre vessels used for the extractions of fragrances. The equipment was specifically designed to capture the full aroma of roses with a custom designed separator.

In 2009 we installed extraction facilities on a scale of 4×50 litres in India for the extraction of materials that would require elevated pressure, specifically herbs.  A similar system was installed in Malaysia in 2011, however it was adapted for multipurpose applications up to 500 bars. In 2013 we installed a 400 litre extraction unit in the Netherlands, which was shipped to the USA in 2018. This system was designed for fruits and vegetables.

In 2020 we installed a 10 x 120 litre extraction capacity in the USA for the processing of cannabinoids with Folium Biosciences LLC. The extraction unit was augmented  with an activation facility, terpene recovery, dewaxing and purification systems. On account of our second to none knowledge of cannabinoids we were able to provide a full systems and tech-transfer.

All of our systems are equipped with a certificate for operation and use in the specific industrial space.
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