Equipment and


Adding value from lab to pilot to industrial scale

Equipment and Scale-up

After making the product we design and build the equipment required to produce the product consistently and with the right quality all the time. At a certain time the product will be handed over to the client. FeyeCon often does this at scale that is most convenient for the client. We specialize in making pilot and industrial scale machines.


Pilots are flexible machines that offer clients the possibility to test the machine and run it in different ways. These are the things we love to make, but pilots are normally produced to test the market so budgets are low, while flexibility should be high. Not a very easy situation, but often one that creates a lot of value for the customer, by creating enough material for market trial and making the industrial scale and scaling simpler. We have built pilots for textile dyeing 2x, textile treatment 1x, leather treatment 1x, spray drying 3x, drying 2x, extraction 1x, encapsulation 2x, medical pathology 2x, micronization 2x. Especially, when developing a new product from the ground up a pilot is the logical step before industrial scaling. It mitigates the risk of large investments necessary for industrial scale.

Industrial Scale

Although often underestimated, industrial scaling is both a science and an art. At all times something unexpected can occur. One major challenge is that an industrial scale machine will operate 24/7, which magnifies  even the slightest error or misunderstanding . Surprises are part of the game in research and development. After all we are trying to do something that has never been done. Every project has to be adapted to the specific needs of the customer. We take this challenge head on and speaking as an engineer it is often the most rewarding part. With our experience we consider it an honour to solve these problem with the client. In the past we have successfully built plants for:
  • micronization
  • textile dyeing
  • spray drying
  • encapsulation
  • textile treatment
  • extraction 8x
  • medical pathology 2x
In the case of extraction equipment we also build industrial equipment without having done a full pilot
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