Environmental friendly dyeing without water!

Textile Dyeing

FeyeCon started textile dyeing with carbon dioxide in 1998 and has continuously developed the process of dyeing with CO2. This method uses less or no chemicals or water than conventional methods. Furthermore, CO2 dyeing requires less energy and time, which dramatically reduces the production costs. Ten years of development were a good exercise to reduce the costs of the dyeing process so that the process stays profitable for the dye-houses. Several breakthrough engineering designs were documented in 10 patents.

We started small and scaled the process in five steps; starting from 6 litre to 40 litre to 100 litre to 1500 litre ended in 3×2500 litres. This gave us an opportunity to fully understand the ins and outs of the machine and process. The mechanical agitation and the flow of the CO2 through the textile are very important. Thus, the type of material one wishes to dye will influence the outcome. We developed and tested dyes for polyester, cotton, silk and nylon and other natural fibres and are working on expanding our portfolio.

In order to facilitate the sales and the development we founded DyeCoo Textile Systems in 2008. In January 2022 we liquidated our participation in DyeCoo in order to be able to take destiny into our own hands once more.
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