Tersus, giving textiles a second life!

Textile Recycling

In 2001 we started our endeavour to clean textile with liquid carbon dioxide. In 2008 FeyeCon made a tech-transfer to CO2Nexus, nowadays operating as Tersus solutions. Today this technology is successfully used for the cleaning, restoring, recycling and recommerce of textiles. It is especially suitable for complex garments, such as outdoor clothing. Tersus solutions also cleans ballistic protection gear, goose down, and disinfect textile clothing form hospitals. It is using the technology to recycle clothing to its full extend, giving it a second life and subsequently reducing landfill. Next to this, Tersus runs separate lines for cleaning fire gear jackets form its poly-cyclic-aromatic compounds which are found in extinguishing agents and harmful to fire fighters. The company is serving amongst others: Patagonia, Eileen Fisher, North Face and Lion.

FeyeCon is proud to be part of the journey of Tersus Solutions and its founder S. Madsen.
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