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About FeyeCon

We are a true process and product development company and global leader in CO2 technology. Using our unique technology, FeyeCon D&I strives to achieve a clean and sustainable planet by combining research and development activities with a market driven approach. FeyeCon D&I was founded in by the CEO, Dr. Geert Feye Woerlee, who developed influential carbon dioxide technology during his Ph.D. at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

FeyeCon D&I has established expertise and intellectual property in many different industries and chemical processes including energy and renewables, catalysis and material science, (bio)polymers and composites, waste treatment and valorization, pulp and paper, bio-oils, as well as natural extracts and fibres. We learned how to apply supercritical technology in different markets, complying with regulations on food, pharma, cosmetic, medical equipment, and so on.

Due to the diverse and versatile nature of CO2 technology, we continue to develop new applications and products, striving to have a positive impact on as many industries as possible. We believe that virtually all products and production processes can benefit from our CO2 technology.  FeyeCon offers tailor-made process design and equipment at bench, pilot and production scales.

FeyeCon has a hands-on and data driven approach. We conduct experiments, engineer equipment, design processes, make samples, and review the regulatory landscape. We execute projects in cooperation with our clients applying our carbon dioxide technology or any other technology that benefits the client product. The projects are on contract base, contain deliverables and time-lines and have different phases:
  • Feasibility,
  • Prove of concept,
  • Validation,
  • Pilot,
  • Implementation.

Using our carbon dioxide technology we strive to achieve a clean and sustainable planet. We can supply a full IP package on technology and product, in combination with a knowledge on the regulatory landscape.

FeyeCon delivers customized solutions, by designing, engineering and construction equipment on any size, but we love big. On a contract basis we can assist your market introduction by producing food grade extraction, impregnation, encapsulation on our pilot scale facilities.
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