BMM Desire


The kidneys are of vital importants for the human body. They help us to remove waste products from our blood, to recover water and important salts, and to regulate our blood pressure. If the kidneys incur damage, they can no longer do their job which causes life-threatening situations. In order to survive, the patient ultimately relies on hemodialysis or, if there are no other options, kidney transplantation. These interventions are expensive and very burdensome for the patient; a ‘normal’ life is virtually impossible. Kidney diseases usually result from high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems and are therefore on the rise.

FeyeCon is participating in the BMM Desire research project to develop smart polymers that contain medicines for the kidneys. For example, this curing material could be introduced under the peri-renal capsule. It does not have to find its way through the body itself and can immediately penetrate into the inflamed kidney tissue and do its job there. If it would also succeed in gradually releasing these medicines in the kidney tissue in the right dosages, we would have an extremely efficient therapy. It is expected that this new polymer could put an end to the disease at an early stage, thereby preventing the development of chronic kidney failure and the need for hemodialysis and kidney transplantation. For more information please visit:
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