Regrow your tissue like wolverine


While Hollywood is spending millions of dollars promoting superhuman characters like the fantastic self-healing mutant Wolverine from X-men, mere mortals like us are actually quite spectacular beings themselves. While we definitely need help to recover when encountering large damage to our tissues or organs, technology enterprises such as FeyeCon are continuously developing products to improve and speed up our natural healing abilities to make the supernatural possible.

Over the last decades medical scientists have been exploring the path towards faster tissue healing. However, despite the tremendous research in this field, there is still plenty of room for translating lab research into new products for patients. This opportunity triggered the Dutch based company FeyeCon. Over the last years this clean-tech company has developed implantable, ‘smart’ material prototypes: Intelliplant that can be used for accelerated and patient convenient tissue regeneration.


The Intelliplant prototypes supports damaged bone or skin tissue and speeds up the healing process. It improves patient comfort and is expected to reduce overall healthcare costs. Intelliplant contains ‘smart’ features; it gradually dissolves into natural body substances once the new tissue has formed, eliminating the need for surgery to remove the materials. Secondly, Intelliplant is ‘infused’ with a number of different active ingredients that further benefit patients.

FeyeCon has successfully used its mild and clean technologies to load Intelliplant with growth factors, molecules that stimulate your cells to grow faster and in a more controlled way. FeyeCon also incorporated antibiotics, minimizing the risk of hospital-induced infections upon implantation. All active molecules are released from the material in a controlled and tunable way. In other words, Intelliplant releases a correct and safe ingredient dose at the right stage at the right time.


The tissue regeneration material Intelliplant is available in many different shapes and sizes, featuring different properties in terms of flexibility, strength, porosity, shape, material degradation speed and release of active ingredients.  FeyeCon’s Intelliplant is making its way into the clinic and will undoubtedly result in faster, safer and more effective tissue healing. Intelliplant reduces the need for additional surgical procedures, improves patient-convenience and creates an overall healthcare costs reduction.

Coming back to the famous Wolverine… With these tremendous improvements perhaps it’s time to call its character a reality and not just a mere fiction. 


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