Water Free Dyeing is Coming Home: Part I

In 1998 FeyeCon started a journey to enable textile dyeing with supercritical carbon dioxide together with Stork Prints currently SPGPrints. The idea was of making a competitive alternative for dyeing textile without water. In the years after we developed the supercritical dyeing technology also in cooperation with the TUDelft. FeyeCon founded DyeCoo Textile Systems BV in 2008 and supplied it with the technology necessary for water free textile dyeing. After fifteen years, FeyeCon concluded it should once again take a leading and free role in the destiny of supercritical dyeing technology. It is for this reason that on this day in 2022 FeyeCon pulled its DyeCoo participation.
For the textile industry this means that FeyeCon is able to deliver competitive solutions for water free textile processing once more.

ITMA Singapore 2005
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