Merging sustainable and digital chemical technologies for the development of greener by design pharmaceuticles

SusPharma is a 36 month project funded by Horizon Europe research and innovation action (Grant agreement Number101057430) that aims to address societal challenges of pharmaceutical synthesis, enabling a reduction of the pollution generated during drug manufacturing.

SusPharma will make use of greener and more economically sustainable production processes in 5 innovative concepts:

  • WASTE-to-Pharma – use of new molecules from “bio-based” platforms for pharmaceutical production to ensure a more ecological approach;
  • CAT-to-PHARMA – design of single atom heterogeneous catalytic methods for green synthesis;
  • FLOW-to-PHARMA – development of state-of-the-art flow-through production technologies which use low volumes of solvents and chemical reagents, and the chemicals used are recycled;
  • PUR-to-PHARMA – integration of innovative synthetic methodologies with new purification methods in synergy with digital solutions to eliminate harmful impurities from pharmaceutical products, and at the same time increase environmental and good manufacturing practice compliance ;
  • DIGITAL-to-PHARMA – use of digital transformation and robotics for the development of competitive, scalable, distributed and “on-demand” production.

The project consortium is composed of 5 research institutions: University of Bari (Italy, coordinator), Milan Polytechnic (Italy), Van’t Hoff Institute at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), University of Cordoba (Spain), University of Loughborough (UK) and 4 industrial partners: Dompè (Italy), VITO (Belgium), FeyeCon D&I and C2Cat (Netherlands ).


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