It’s patients safety only for cannabis derived products

FeyeCon’s #EU-GMP certified API’s from cannabis sativa are made to serve the patient. Reliable procedures and in depth understanding is key when it comes to the production of cannabis derived products. It all started with our very first license back in 2002. For more than twenty years, FeyeCon has been at the forefront of #medicalcannabis. Over this extensive period we have amassed invaluable insights and understanding of the world wide regulatory landscape, botanicas, production, purification, formulation, packaging and Quality Assurance.
However, during those twenty years #FeyeCon has taken the backseat and has not been in the commercial spotlight. We have now entered the market through our commercial arms in the field of cannabinoids: #FoliumEurope and #OchoAmsterdam. Folium Europe currently offers our botanical derived #CBD and #THC (also known as #Dronabinol) at commercial scale, while FeyeCon concentrates on product safety, production and formulation. Together with Folium Europe’s market understanding we are extending our pipeline with new API’s like CBG and THCA.
Our products are certified API’s and certainly not “pharma grade-like isolates” as provided by other suppliers. Our API’s have their corresponding #DMF, QA documents and COA’s. Our new top-notch GMP facility has been inspected and licensed by the Dutch Authorities, allowing us to continue supplying our clients worldwide. Since opening our new facilities in Amsterdam six months ago we have produced over fifteen batches of various API’s consistently.
In need of API’s for you #clinicaltrial, product development or magistral preparation? You can contact us via or


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