FeyeCon offers turnkey solutions for fats and oils processing

The Dutch SME FeyeCon has spent the last two years advancing its CO2 processes for oil refining and oil upgrading. As a result, the company now offers turnkey solutions for obtaining clean, healthy and effective oil & fat products, without compromising between costs, quality or sustainability.

FeyeCon combines widespread expertise in fat & oil ingredients for the cosmetic and food industry with experience in clean and sustainable CO2-based processing technologies. It offers unique opportunities for the “cold” refining and modification of oils in order to remove unwanted components or increase the concentration of others.

Oil Refining: Breakthrough Cold Processing

FeyeCon’s clean CO2-based methods for oil refining offer an environmentally-friendly opportunity as they operate with no chemicals, on low temperatures (c.a. <40⁰C) and therefore prevent unwanted reactions.

The resulting product boasts improved quality and increased shelf-life due to enhanced stability. FeyeCon offers process development for, among others, degumming, bleaching, FFA removal, deodorisation and winterisation.

Upgrading Oils with Unique CO2 Fractionation Technology

FeyeCon is the only company in the world that uses the novel CO2 fractionation technology for upgrading oils. By separating the different types of fatty acids present in the oil, it offers tailored methods for desired compounds.

Additionally, the process is clean and gentle, operating under low temperatures in an inert atmosphere, preventing the oxidation and formation of trans-fats. This improves the health profile and performance of the oil.

FeyeCon’s CO2 refining and fractionation methods allow the creation of technology solutions for the next generation cosmeticfood and nutraceutical products with superior quality. Through demonstrations and feasibility testing on pilot scale facilities, FeyeCon delivers customised processes and is able to translate those to dedicated equipment of industrial scale.


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