FeyeCon will attend the 2nd annual Formulation & Drug Delivery Congress, May 18 – 19 in London at the Kensington Close Hotel.

FeyeCon is the global leader in CO2 technology for the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries. Our pharmaceutical team aims for healthy people and a healthy planet. Using our proprietary CO2-based processes for drug isolation, formulation and delivery, we create novel and improved pharmaceutical and biomedical products. This results in higher drug bioavailability, increased product shelf-life and consequently improved patient wellbeing.

The 2nd annual Formulation & Drug Delivery Congress is a highly anticipated event with unique opportunities for networking and engaging in scientific discussions about these exciting areas of research. The formulation and drug delivery market is accelerating and is expected to reach $227 bln by 2017. This expansion is the consequence of recent advancements in biologics and small molecule drug formulation research, advanced solid and liquid formulations strategies and novel drug delivery technologies.  

To find out more about how FeyeCon can improve formulation and drug delivery of pharmaceutical products, schedule a meeting with our pharma representative at info@feyecon.com

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