CO2 Technology

The public is most familiar with carbon dioxide (CO₂) as the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activities. However, what’s often unknown about CO₂ is its ability to make production processes sustainable and cost efficient. At FeyeCon we use CO₂ to develop green and improved products and production processes. We capture waste CO₂ from industries and use it to replace traditional solvents, including hazardous chemicals and precious water resources. Under conditions higher than 31°C and 73 bar respectively, CO₂ becomes supercritical, a phase between a liquid and a gas. Supercritical CO₂ possesses a combination of gas-like viscosity and liquid-like density. In this form CO₂ becomes an ideal processing solvent that can replace chemicals and water in production processes.

Most important benefits of pressurized CO₂:
  • Reduced use of chemicals and less waste – no contaminated wastewater
  • No residual solvents -pure end-product
  • Reduced processing costs – quick, less energy, CO₂ is inexpensive and recyclable
  • Mild process conditions – low temperatures, no oxygen, no chemicals
  • Versatile and tunable – applicable in many different industries
  • Safe, non-toxic, colorless, odorless, non-flammable

More and more industries recognize CO₂ processes as a superior green technology. Research continues to investigate the capabilities of CO₂ and new applications of the technology are developed daily. In the last two decades FeyeCon has been at the forefront of those developments, and remains committed to develop game changing applications in the decades to come