We have recently participated to the kick-off meeting of the recently granted project CALIBRA (CAscading LIgnin BioRefinery Approach). The two years project runs under “Biorizon – The way to aromatics” ( The CALIBRA project partners are OLAM, RUG, ECN, ENERPY, SPPREMA, GOOD FUELS, and MTSA.  FeyeCon role is to address the downstream fractions resulted from thermochemical treatment (of the lignin based bio materials) and to recover, via scCO2 extraction, the phenolic fractions. The thermochemical treatment (pyrolysis and/or photonic radiolysis) will be applied to different lignin rich bio waste (like wood chips, bark and various nutshells) which is available currently in The Netherlands. FeyeCon will focus on process development and pilot design of the scCO2 extraction of the phenolic fraction.

We are proud and excited for this new great challenge to make use of our green and adaptable ScCOknowledge.

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