IRODDI (Innovative Refining process for valorization of vegetable Oil Deodorizer DIstillates) is a new project funded by the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme (grant agreement Nº 887407) aimed to develop new biobased products using Free Fatty Acids (FFAs) contained in the residual side streams of the refining process of oils and […]

Natural Pigments

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the products they apply to their skin. Given this trend and the growing demand for natural cosmetics, the industry is moving towards using natural pigments. However, those are difficult to formulate due to handling and compatibility issues. FeyeCon knows how to extract colors from natural sources and protect them. […]

Micronized Ingredients

FeyeCon can transform many different compounds into micron-sized (and sub-micron) particles. Thanks to our versatile CO₂ technology we are able to create particle sizes that fit specific needs. Examples of our products are: TEXTURING AGENT – INSTATEX, STABILIZING SPREADS AND SUSPENSIONS In food applications, fats and waxes are excellent options for stabilizers, because they are easily […]

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical products

PURE API’S FROM NATURE & RECLAIMED SOURCES FeyeCon isolates and purifies active pharmaceutical ingredients from natural resources and industrial (waste) streams. Our processes are characterized by mild conditions, are cost-effective and produce high yields. In that way, we help you create pharmaceutical products that are innovative, pure and highly competitive on the market. STABLE PHARMACEUTICAL […]


DELIVERING NATURAL FRAGRANCE FOR PERFUMES AND PERSONAL CARE FeyeCon improves the shelf-life, purity and intensity of natural fragrances. To magnify the fragrance’s performance we incorporate unique triggered release features that ensure the fragrance will be delivered at the right time and place. Your fragrances will have no residual solvents, heavy metals or microbial contamination. Our processes fully […]

Algae Products

ALGAE PRODUCTS For us it is crystal clear – algae are the future. With algae we can feed and cure more people (and animals) than by any other means. This is not news, however, the bottleneck to achieve such goals has always been to process algae cost efficiently. We are working on it! Our goal […]

Active Ingredients for Cosmetics

OBTAIN THE UNOBTAINABLE FeyeCon processes active ingredients using methods ranging from extraction to formulation. We obtain ingredients from a wide variety of natural sources with CO₂ extraction. A unique characteristic of this technology is its versatility – it is possible to perform selective extraction and obtain different actives from one source. After extraction the valuable […]

Natural Extracts

FeyeCon selectively isolates and purifies valuable components from an endless array of natural sources. Sources such as plants, algae, and flower bulbs provide us with active pharmaceutical compounds, colorants, natural flavors, fragrances, and much more. FeyeCon uses an exceptionally mild and environmental friendly way to extract and purify these components while maintaining their integrity, thereby […]


We are able to provide custom made CO₂ equipment to fit your specific requirements. We offer tailored systems designed for research and development on all our supercritical fluid and high pressure processes. Beyond R&D equipment, we also design, fabricate and install pilot and industrial / commercial scale systems. CO2 solutions can be stand-alone systems or integrated […]