Active Ingredients for Cosmetics


FeyeCon processes active ingredients using methods ranging from extraction to formulation. We obtain ingredients from a wide variety of natural sources with CO₂ extraction. A unique characteristic of this technology is its versatility – it is possible to perform selective extraction and obtain different actives from one source. After extraction the valuable components are encapsulated to protect them and to control their delivery with a triggered release. Ensuring that ingredients are delivered at the right time and place. FeyeCon has a wide portfolio of natural ingredients we know how to process. For new ingredients we offer feasibility studies to investigate compatibility with our processes. 


An example of an extraordinary ingredient is the active Cannabidiol (CBD), found in Cannabis. The Cannabis plant generates CBD to protect itself from harmful external influences. The anti-inflammatory properties of this non-psychoactive component are well suited for cosmetics. It soothes the skin and has anti-aging benefits. FeyeCon has the unique know-how to not only extract, but also purify the CBD. Delivering a 100% pure CBD product that can be used in skin-care products.  


Micro plastics that are used as scrubbing agents have a negative impact on our environment. FeyeCon offers the biodegradable alternative that comes from a waste product: eggshells. However eggshells are sensitive to low pH, making it difficult to utilize in an end-product with a reasonable shelf life. FeyeCon solves this by encapsulating the shells to protect them from stress factors and to ensure they do their work when applied on the skin. 


Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant obtained from fruits, vegetables, leaves and grains. It is known to protect the skin from oxidative damage. FeyeCon has developed a unique process that increases the concentration of Quercetin 20 times, delivering a potent booster with improved bioavailability. Using a pressurized emulsion process the apparent solubility in water is increased up to 1500 times allowing for the high concentration. This technology is applicable to other actives.