About Feyecon

We are a technology provider of carbon dioxide supercritical technology. What sets us apart is our unparalleled focus on what the customer wants to achieve. We know your product is what matters. We go to any length to understand the added value we can provide with our technology to your product, because without your product our supercritical technology would be a hobby. Since 1992 we learned how to apply supercritical technology in different markets, complying with regulations on food, pharma, cosmetic, medical equipment, and so on.

Why we do

And yes, FeyeCon is all about innovation and game-changing, clean technology. We love the technological challenge and to contradicting people saying cannot. We are a global leader in supercritical technology, but FeyeCon applies all necessary technology. We always keep the end-point in view: increase margin and sales. This can achieved by: better products, faster processes, new products, valuable Intellectual Property (IP) and comply with regulations. FeyeCon focuses on the product and only will work on a development if we believe what we do has market value.

How we do

FeyeCon has a hands-on and data driven approach. We conduct experiments, engineer equipment, design processes, make samples, and review the regulatory landscape. We execute projects in cooperation with our clients applying our carbon dioxide technology or any other technology that benefits the client product. The projects are on contract base, contain deliverables and time-lines and have different phases:
  • Feasibility,
  • Prove of concept,
  • Validation,
  • Pilot,
  • Implementation.

Using our carbon dioxide technology we strive to achieve a clean and sustainable planet. We can supply a full IP package on technology and product, in combination with a knowledge on the regulatory landscape.

FeyeCon delivers customized solutions, by designing, engineering and construction equipment on any size, but we love big. On a contract basis we can assist your market introduction by producing food grade extraction, impregnation, encapsulation on our pilot scale facilities.

What we did

FeyeCon was founded in 1992 by our CEO Dr. Geert Woerlee, who developed influential carbon dioxide technology during his time at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Since then FeyeCon has grown in terms of employees, intellectual property and experience in many different industries. Several companies and ventures are using the technology for various reasons. We are proud to say we partner with companies such as Nike, Ikea, Unilever and many others. Over the years we enabled:

2005   production of structuring agents for consumer spreads,
2008   first GMP production of cleaned polymer for implants,
2010   the first commercial supercritical dyeing machine,
2013   enabling unparallel molecular diagnostics in pathology,
2016   reshaping the paper applications,
2017   start re-commerce of textiles using carbon dioxide,
2019   producing cannabinoids Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients,
2020   built the largest plant for cannabis products worldwide,
2021   cleaning cork with revolutionary design in supercritical extraction.

We hope your project is next on this list.

Meet our team

Geert Woerlee

Founder / Ceo

Geert Woerlee is founder and CEO of the FeyeCon group and holds a master's degree in physics and a PhD in applied sciences. He developed the FeyeCon group from a personal activity into an expanding company. During his academic years, he developed influential CO₂ technology which is now part of the propriety platform technology for FeyeCon and its multiple spin off companies and many implementation with our clients.

Geert Woerlee is the schoolbook example of an entrepreneur; not suitable for anything else. He has an impressive track record, collaborating with multinationals and individuals alike. He is not only founder and CEO of FeyeCon, but is founder of DyeCoo, Tispa Medical and Echo Pharmaceuticals. He currently is also CTO of Folium Biosciences ltd were the developed technology on cannabinoids has been implemented on an unprecedented scale. These are all examples of FeyeCon’s processes and products brought to the market.

Daniela Trambitas


Daniela obtained her PhD from the Romanian Academy, Institute of Physical Chemistry “I.G.Murgulescu”. After a postdoctoral fellowship in Laboratory for Process Equipment at Delft University of Technology, she joined FeyeCon in 2006 as project leader. Since then she has been involved in several projects for (inter)national clients, aiming to develop new products or to improve the products quality. She was appointed as team manager of Base Technology in 2008 and in 2012 Manager of Key Assets team.

In September 2015, she was appointed as manager of the Special Project team. This team is focused on scouting and developing new applications of CO2 technologies.

For inquiries related to the development of cosmetic products, tolling services or other new unforeseen applications for CO2 technologies, please contact: daniela.trambitas@feyecon.com.



After obtaining his PhD in Chemical Technology, Dr. Gerard Hofland joined FeyeCon in 2001. He specializes in a range of CO₂ processes, including particle formation, encapsulation and protein stabilization.

Dr. Hofland´s research has led to eight patents so far and he has authored and co-authored over 20 publications. Working at FeyeCon from the early days, he is a treasured source of information and has been involved in the main part of FeyeCon’s research and development.

Ian Spoelstra


Ian joined FeyeCon in 2011 and is our jack of all trades, having experience in as many industries as he is old… As Commercial Manager, Ian is involved in all aspects of commerce using his non-technical view as an asset to translate FeyeCon’s work into business opportunities. He assists our technical staff in spotting those opportunities and making them become reality. Most importantly, Ian connects with commercial parties to make sure FeyeCon’s products and processes are implemented.